Aryn smiling
Aryn DiSario
Central Trustee


Aryn DiSario became a police widow on 05/12/2017 after her husband Police Chief Steven “Eric” DiSario from Kirkersville Police Department was shot and killed in the line of duty while responding to reports of an armed suspect. 

Aryn and Eric have six children Olivia, Braydon, Grace, Chloe, Kameron, and Lilliana.  Lilliana was born ten days following her father’s murder.  

Aryn is a licensed Realtor and cosmetologist who has had to adapt to becoming the full-time mother and caregiver of her six children.  Because of her selfless, caring and empathic nature, Aryn strives to help others as they begin their grief journey, just as others have helped guide her through her grief process.  Becoming actively involved in the community and with different organizations, along with continued education, Aryn intends to do all that she can to ensure survivors never feel alone and have all that is needed to assist them as their journey begins.